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+4ladies;  +4l;  +four ladies;  +kpop;  +move;  +mine;  +taetamtom;  +gif*;  +other*;  +YASSSS;  +idk my hope maybe are too high;  +girls loving girls;  

I can draw your face in my mind.
I can draw your face in my mind.
+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +mytaeyangedit;  +bigbang;  +taeyang*;  +gif*;  +taetamtom;  

I used to be greedy, I used to be selfish,
but I’m starting to let it go.
+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +myteayangedit;  +bigbang;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  +edit*;  +I'm porud of that one tbh;  

Girls, over my body, over my songs, They cry.

+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +bigbang;  +mytaeyangedit;  +taeyang*;  +taetamtom;  +edit*;  

"I can’t see it, I can’t touch it. I can’t feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can’t do anything with your easy words.
+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +mytaeyangedit;  +1am;  +youngbae;  +mine;  +taetamtom;  +edit*;  +taeyang*;  

Turns on by itself, red light

Turns on by itself, red light

+f(x);  +myf(x)edit;  +sulli;  +victoria;  +luna;  +krystal;  +amber;  +mine;  +taetamtom;  +edit*;  +f(x)*;  

+bigbang;  +mybigbangedit;  +mtv ema;  +gd;  +daesung;  +seungri;  +tabi;  +taeyang;  +idk mtv ema is always revelant;  +taetamtom;  +ot5;  +ot5*;  +edit*;  

+got7;  +youngjae;  +yeongjae;  +choi youngjae;  +mygot7edit;  +got7*;  +taetamtom;  

+taeyang;  +mytaeyangedit;  +bigbang;  +youngbae;  +dong youngbae;  +gif*;  +taeyang*;  +taetamtom;  +my love my love my love;  

+taeyang;  +mytaeyangedit;  +bigbang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +taeyang*;  +gif*;  +taetamtom;  +my love my love my love;