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precious memories : JAY PARK - 좋아 era

"I heard JOAH & I thought of you!". I love sweet rnb songs so much that people would think about me when they hear one. Of course I completely fall for JOAH.  It’s the kind of song that I never get tired of. On those warm first days of summer I walked down the streets nodding along the song and wanting to sing it from the top of my lungs.

+jay park;  +park jaebeom;  +park jaebum;  +aom;  +kpop;  +mypm;  +jaypark*;  +taetamtom;  

+jay park;  +park jaebeom;  +park jaebum;  +aom;  +jaebum;  +Itried.jpg;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  +edit*;  

Favorite JAY PARK's instagram updates
+jay park;  +park jaebum;  +jaebum;  +jaybum;  +jaebeom;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  +edit*;  

+Jay Park;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +jaebeom;  +jaebum;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  

+Jay Park;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +jaebeom;  +jaebum;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  

+Jay Park;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +jaebeom;  +jaebum;  

+jay park;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +jaebeom;  +jaebum;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  

+jay park;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +jaybeom;  +jaebum;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  

+ns yoon g;  +jay park;  +kim yoonji;  +park jaebum;  +park jaebeom;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  +gif*;  

+Jay Park;  +park jaebum;  +jaebum;  +jaebeom;  +jaebeom park;  +taetamtom;  +jaypark*;  +gif*;