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+taeyang;  +t.o.p;  +choi seunghyun;  +big bang;  +tobae;  +bigbang*;  +taetamtom;  +mybigbangedit;  

+pixel bubble;  +t.o.p;  +tabi;  +choi seunghyun;  +big bang;  +choom top;  +taetamtom;  +tabi*;  +mybigbangedit;  

☼ My eternal summer ☼

Just some more or less cheesy songs in Korean & English that makes me remind of summer and you.


+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +big bang;  +youngbae;  +teydaddy;  +idk;  +mix;  +fanmix;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  +mytaeyangedit;  +mybigbangedit;  

+taeyang;  +big bang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +stupid face;  +mytaeyangedit;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  +you look so dumb :D;  +I miss u;  

Look in my eyes
All I wanted was you

+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +big bang;  +wedding dress;  +taeyang*;  +mytaeyangedit;  +taetamtom;  

BAERI: I want you but you’re his | [AU] Taeyang is in a love/hate relationship with Seungri. Worst part of the story is that his crush is his bestfriend’s boyfriend. From love to hate to sadness.

{ L I S T E N }

+seungri;  +taeyang;  +baeri;  +big bang;  +otp;  +brotp;  +mix;  +to listen to;  +mybigbangedit;  +taetamtom;  +baeri*;  +gri;  

+taeyang;  +youngbae;  +dong youngbae;  +big bang;  +kpop;  +whatever;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  +neither loved nor hated;  +neither dead nor alive;  +mybigbangedit;  +mytaeyangedit;  

+seungri;  +taeyang;  +baeri;  +big bang;  +youngbae;  +lee seunghyun;  +taetamtom;  +mybigbangedits;  +baeri*;  +taeyang*;  +seungri*;  

+taeyang;  +youngbae;  +dong youngbae;  +big bang;  +kpop;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  

gold & diamonds boy

gold & diamonds boy

+gd;  +gdragon;  +kwon jiyong;  +jiyong;  +big bang;  +taetamtom;  +jiyoung*;