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"I did nothing.. It’s all cuz of you guys.. Thank u :)" @realtaeyang
"I did nothing.. It’s all cuz of you guys.. Thank u :)" @realtaeyang
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Taeyang , I found out about you 4 years ago. During those last 4 years, a lot of things happened for both of us right? I grew and changed a lot and so did you. People came into our lives, others left, but the most important is to be real right? Each of us went trough hardships but also had good memories. I’ve heard somewhere that one always find time to the loved ones. I’ve been really busy and couldn’t follow you as much as wished this year but be sure I'll always be here to support you when needed. I’m really thankful because you are always by my side, no matter how big the storm is, I put my earphones,  play your music and the sun starts to fight against that storm. Some doesn’t get how music can impact our lives and help us but I know you get it well right? Yours is my medicine and one the reason I found the strength to stand up everyday.  I hope to see your smile for many years to come, I wish you health and as much happy days as possible. Thank you for everything, Happy birthday.

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+taeyang;  +dong youngbae;  +teydaddy;  +sol;  +big bang;  +taetamtom;  +mybigbangedit;  +taeyang*;  +gif*;  +500;  

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☼ My eternal summer ☼

Just some more or less cheesy songs in Korean & English that makes me remind of summer and you.


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+taeyang;  +big bang;  +dong youngbae;  +youngbae;  +stupid face;  +mytaeyangedit;  +taetamtom;  +taeyang*;  +you look so dumb :D;  +I miss u;  +gif*;